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The Assens Boy Singers consist of 25 boys, young men and adult singers aged 10-28 years. The choir was established in 1856, however the tradition of having boys sing in the church of Assens goes back to the 15th Century.

The repertoire of the Assens Boy Singers is classical European church music from the 15th century onwards. The three particular focus areas are European church classics, Danish traditional hymns, and traditional Danish secular songs.

The choir follows the British tradition of counter tenors singing the alto voice.

The boys rehearse twice a week and participate in church services at Our Lady´s Church in Assens on Sundays and holidays.
New members are recruited at the age of 8 or 9 years, and study at choir school for one year before entering the serving choir.
All choir members receive individual singing lessons (taught by professional classical singers) as well as age-appropriate training in music theory. Piano lessons are compulsory from 12-15 years and encouraged throughout all years of participation.

Boy sopranoes are gradually replaced as their voices break – the whole group of sopranoes is replaced approximately every 4 years. Most boys are able to continue their singing lessons as their voices transition, and this helps them return rather quickly to the choir and settle into their male voice.  Generations of choristers have benefitted from this very special education, with its emphasis on high standards and teamwork. Several choristers have chosen music as a career after leaving the choir.
The Assens Boy Singers perform about 10 concerts a year.


Choir director

The Assens Boy Singers are directed by conductor Jesper Frovin, who studied musicology at the University of Copenhagen. Alongside conducting and teaching, Frovin has had a long career in humanitarian work in Africa, the Middel East, The Balkans, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.


Assens Boy Singers
Adelgade 18
DK-5610 Assens
tel.: + 45 31 11 40 10


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